The Long Arms of Love - A Fund of the PAA Foundation

At W&L Subaru we try to do all that we can to help support those in need, looking for change, or make a difference in our community. However, our help has been called out to Ukraine. Our world is going through some devastating times and we know we can't help everyone but it's our job to try and do what we can, when we can, wherever the location.

Our owners not only live the Love Promise at work but in their homes. Andy and his wife Silvia, have been working diligently from their home at nights and on weekends to help find travel solutions for families to safely leave Ukraine to be with other family members or shelters. They are staying in constant contact to ensure they are supplied with food, shelter and housing even when they are relocated.

So far Andy and Silvia have helped 4 different families and have several other families in contact to help provide support. This work is humbling as many of us take for granted the everyday privileges of having food, clothing and shelter.